Increasing of the T3 Viscous Coupling deposit by 2020

Since the sources for old T3 VCs are slowly drying up, we are forced to raise the deposit price for the T3 VC to € 250 by January, 1st 2020 for the first time.

In addition, we recently received some defective T3 viscous couplings, which we cannot overhaul due to the massive state of wear. Although these viscous couplings can be used for spare parts, their value is still greatly minimized for us.

That’s why we considered rules for repayment of deposit:

Damages that reduces the 250 € deposit:




 – € 120 decrease – € 70 decrease

– € 50 decrease

e.g.: gearing damaged

e.g.: gearing damaged

e.g.: impact

e.g.: dent

e.g.: deformed

Basically, only visible damages reduce the deposit. Hidden damages (worn plates, worn hub, …) do NOT reduce repayment.

Excluded are damages that were obviously caused by an improper repair attempt only.