VIDEO: How fast activates a CO2-VC?

In the last weeks I got a few inquiries regarding due to the activation-time of a viscous-coupling.

Typical questions looked like these:

  • How fast activates a working VC?
  • My VC activates after 20sec / 5 wheel turns – is that ok?

Therefore we had the idea for a short clip which demonstrates how fast a working CO2-VC activates on slippy surface.

In the first part of the clip the decoupler is engaged (2WD Mode) – as you can see the rear wheel is just turning. Then the 4WD is activated, and the marking points on the tires gets filmed.

Here you can see once again the second part of the clip in super slow-motion with some analytical data of the tires:

This means for the driver that you typically don´t recognice any delay in the activation-time of the VC. If you see the rear-wheel turning before the front-wheel comes in, your VC is most likely damaged.