Why is the viscous-coupling not used in modern 4-wheel drive vehicles anymore?

Doesn’t a decoupler make more sense than the viscous-coupling?
What is the best all-wheel drive system then? Haldex? Torsen differential? xDrive?
Why needs the T4’s VC more time to activate compared with the older T3 Syncro?



How can I test my viscous coupling?

What's the effect of inert gas in a viscous coupling?
Why does viscous-coupling hardening appear so often in the T3-Syncro?
Isn’t the "oilsucking" a result of an overheating viscous-coupling?
At VW-Kern, do you test each viscous-coupling in gear oil?
Why are engine / tires / driving operation asked when ordering?



Which T4 Viscous Coupling (Standard / Sport / Super Sport) suits best for my bus?

Are the shaft sealing rings included?
How much do the 3 different variants cost? (Standard/ Sport / Super-Sport)
How can I test my viscous coupling?
What’s the effect of inert gas in a viscous coupling?
Is the T4’s viscous coupling also affected by “oil-sucking”?
Which type of silicone oil is used in the T4 Syncro?
What is the right amount of silicone oil for the T4 VC?
Which maximum torque can the T4 viscous coupling transfer?
Why are Sport-VCs only available for T4 buses with ABS?

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